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5 Fashionable Steps for Preparing For An Interview

If you are anything like me, as in rehearse interview questions in the mirror till you are blue in the face, you'll more than likely end up not knowing where to start when choosing the best interview outfit. Well don't fret: here is a list of steps that I like to go through to keep my mind sharp as a tack, and keep me looking sharp as well.




When I found out I had an interview with Beansprout Marketing & PR, I was extremely excited and very nervous. I have never had a job interview at a marketing firm before. I felt like a small fish in a great big pond.So, of course I spent most of my time researching and developing my verbal interview tactics. When Interview Day came, I wasn't worried because I knew that if I followed these steps the interview would go great.


1.       Dress as if you are going to your dream job.

      I never thought that I would have the opportunity to have an interview at a Marketing and PR firm. My closet was filled with interview clothes that were generic which made me feel like I was applying for a job at a restaurant or retail store. How can I walk into an interview for my dream job if I don’t look and feel like I am qualified for this amazing position? I bought a resonable priced navy blue blazer, and then wound up finding a pair of tuxedo dress pants that matched the blazer.  

2.       Be comfortable.

Make sure you dress accordingly to the weather and the dress code of your future employer. Nothing is worse than going to an interview in 90 degree weather and you are stuck in a wool socks. 

3.       Don’t be bland, wear some color. You are not going to a funeral.

Accent colors never hurt, unless you are Wednesday Addams. And, you know, that's okay if you are.. Just make sure to show some character. You are an intelligent, creative person whether you are interviewing for a stuffy office job or not. You are not just a cog, you have personality and you must show it. 

4.       Remember to match.

Wearing a black belt? Please remember to wear black shoes. 

Simple math equation: Black belt + brown shoes = not a good idea, there is a flaw in the design. 

Black belt + black shoes = shows you are organized and care about the small details.

You can never go wrong with a good pair of black pants and a blazer that matches.



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5. Remember to Breathe.

You got this! You are matching, you are showing your true colors on the inside and on the outside, and most of all you're feeling pretty darn comfortable. At this point you can pretty much take over the world, but let's start with actually conquering the interview. Smile, and you will succeed. 


Best of luck on your interview,



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