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Reeling In Your Target Market

Think of your target market like fishing; if you don’t know what to fish for, then how do you expect to know what kind of bait, poles and sinkers you should use to catch them? How do you expect to catch something if you don’t even know what you’re trying to get? Once you can determine your market, you can tailor your media towards them and make your marketing so much more effective and efficient! Associate any media with that market, and with the correct combination of media, placement of ads and potential customers, you will certainly get people headed for the doorstep of your business.

 Bottom line, identify your target market and plan accordingly. Too many marketing companies just make random advertisements, logo styles, and promotions, and while they do look impressive, unless they actually speak to your appropriate audience, they will do little to attract new business. Bean Sprout Marketing and PR takes a different approach to marketing. Gone are the days of just making an advertisement and placing it in the newspaper and hoping it will bring you new business; in are the days where your audiences’ opinions really matter. Listen to your audience; know that they want, what they need, what interests them, and what frustrates them to no end.

In your business; in our business, we aren’t just trying to sell someone a product or a service, we’re trying to identify with them and provide them a solution to their problem; and you can only do that when you get intimate with your customers (Get your mind out of the gutter! …Not that kind of intimate!).

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You need to get to know your clientele better than you know yourself, if you have to, learn what kind of toothpaste they like or if they prefer cotton socks or nylon; whatever it takes! Only then can you hope to find what they truly need, what they truly want, what you can provide, how you can do it, and where you need to start. Sounds simple right? But if it’s that simple, why don’t other marketing companies do it?

Start fresh. Start clean. Start to be innovative. Decide what kind of fish you want, and use the right media and strategies to reel them in!



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