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What's "Your Geeky"?

Everyone has their own curiosities and their own fascinations. Everyone has that geeky hobby no one else seems to get except themselves. So for this week’s blog, I want to know what “your geeky” is? What geeky fascination do you have that makes you look like a complete nerd to the outside world, but to you it’s something that you really enjoy? It’s not that these geeky things are bad, but it’s what makes us who we are; it’s what makes us unique.

 The reason I am saying all this is because, like us, businesses are unique too. Businesses from the same industries might offer the same services, but the businesses themselves have very different styles, whether they’re geeky or not. For example, look at Geico and other insurance companies. They all sell insurance, but one company has a talking gecko on all of their commercials and advertising, and the other ones don’t. Other companies are represented by a cartoon character or a nerdy, socially awkward saleswoman named Flo. You get the connection? Our businesses are no different than we are; we all have a little Geeky in us!

For some reason I have a weird obsession with football statistics. Often in my free time, I’ll spend hours just pouring over football stats from the NFL season. Whether it be on,, or any other sports statistical website, I could sit there all day reviewing how many catches Calvin Johnson had in his last game, or how many rushing yards Adrian Peterson got. To make it even worse, I’ll look at players’ yards per carry averages or a wide receivers YAC (yards after catch) totals for the season. You would be very surprised at how well Lance Moore (WR for the New Orleans Saints) plays in indoor stadiums versus outdoor stadiums! I could go on forever with this stuff! Do you see what I mean? I’m a complete nerd when it comes to football statistics.For all of us here at BeanSprout Marketing & PR, we each have our own unique, dorky obsession. Marie for example has a nerdy obsession with cool business cards and textures. She’ll see a cool business card that has nice design and she’ll go crazy! It could be a silk, cotton, suede, or plastic business card, and she’ll sit there and hold it as if she were Gollum from Lord of the Rings! In comparison, Stephanie has an obsession with typography. Everywhere she goes she’ll critique anything that uses type, whether it be restaurant menus, billboards, or even postcards. When she see’s something she doesn’t like, she might think to herself, “I can’t believe they used a sans serif typeface on that ad! What were they thinking?” She likes to look at things that incorporate some form of typography and figure out how she could have made it better. With these examples of “geekiness” (if that’s even a real word) Marie and Stephanie are not alone; I have my own nerdy hobby too.

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So now that I have shared with you BeanSprout Marketing’s employees’ deepest, darkest, geeky obsessions, I want to take a moment to explain why these things are so relevant. Without these geeky obsessions; without these geeky fascinations; BeanSprout Marketing wouldn’t be the company that it is today. We wouldn’t be able to offer our happy, fun-filled atmosphere to our clients, and provide them valuable services that speak of the quality and effort they give to their customers. We’re good at what we do because we’re obsessed with it; because our geeky passions compliment the very nature of our work and bring about something better than just boring, old mediocrity.

All of us have something that fascinates us. It might not be as geeky as Lance Moore’s football performance based on the kind of stadium he plays in, but it still in some way, shape, or form defines who we are and makes us unique. So tell me, what’s your geeky?

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