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What We Look For In Leadership

When you think of a leader, what do you think of? What qualities do they possess? To us, leaders are someone who you can depend on, someone you can look up to and makes the whole team better. Leaders have many traits; however, some qualities outweigh the others. Here is a list (in no particular order) of what we feel are the most important characteristics a leader can have:


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1)    Confidence – People will not put forth their best effort if they don’t believe in their leader. If you don’t believe in your leader, then you don’t believe in the cause. A leader that doesn’t have the confidence to inspire their team members doesn’t have the ability to make their team better and ultimately accomplish the goals of the team.

2)    Motivation – To any good leader, 2nd place is never good enough. They always want to be the best; they always want to finish on top and they are willing to put in the effort to get there. Motivated leaders are always the first ones at work and the last ones to leave.

3)    Exemplary Character – This may be the most important trait of all. People need to be able to trust their leader; people need to be able to know that their leader will be there whenever they need them. Honesty and integrity are paramount in being able to “walk the talk” and follow-through with what you say.

4)    Focus – Leaders have to maintain their focus at all times. In any business, there will always be times where things get a little crazy and ‘Plan A’ goes out the window. In life, a lot of unplanned things will occur, but despite that, a leader needs to remain focused and keep their gaze fixed on the goals they’re looking to achieve.

5)    Enthusiasm – Leaders need to inspire their team members, especially when morale is low. They need to demonstrate their passion for their job; to get everyone excited about the task at hand! Enthusiasm is infectious, once someone shows it, it can spread like wildfire!

6)    Tolerance – Being able to see past other’s differences while still keeping their team members focused on the main cause is not easy. Leaders can’t take a “my way or the highway” approach to team management where they alienate the very people they are meant to inspire. They must be able to tolerate differences and varying opinions in order to keep a team together.

7)    Composure – Similar to being focused, having composure in the most difficult of times allows a leader to see clearly and rally their troops. Leaders cannot get frustrated and overwhelmed by the trials they face; they have to keep their composure and stay dedicated to the cause without losing their cool.

There are many other characteristics that define a good leader; this is just a short list of the key qualities we believe every leader should have. What are some other important traits you think a leader should possess?



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