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Challenge the Status Quo

It’s a fact, people don’t like change. People are all too comfortable doing everything the same as they have always done before. But why are we so content with the status quo? Why do we insist on keeping things the same? Well I’ll tell you why… It’s because of fear.

 The reason people don’t like change is because they’re afraid of it. People don’t like the uncertainty that change represents. But if we never change, how can we expect change? Innovation is the key to success, not maintaining the status quo! The status quo gets you to look normal, to be unrecognized and fit in. We have to challenge the status quo and build our companies, our relationships, and our efforts to achieve new heights and ultimately get to the top. And once we’re at the top, we challenge the status quo again in order to stay there.

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Once you defy the status quo and create a new expectation for something, everyone will do their best to duplicate that; trying to conform to the new set of expectations. The true leaders in business that have had success by developing a game-changing idea never get complacent; they never tell themselves: “we made it to the top, now we can just put everything on autopilot and all will be fine”. People and businesses don’t succeed by being complacent; stagnation never yields success.  The people who achieve success just to be content with where they have arrived epitomize the recipe for future failure; eventually getting passed up by a company that is truly hungry.

The smart companies achieve greatness and allow that sense of achievement to fuel them; to feed their hunger to do the next latest and greatest thing. No one stays on top by complying with the status quo. They stay on top by being innovative and changing it.



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