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Failing Until You Win

Imagine if people had the mentality that once they failed for the first time, they would just give up and move on. What would the world be like if Thomas Edison quit after one light bulb, or the Wright Brothers quit after one test flight? Now imagine what your business would be like if you just gave up if you weren’t immediately successful. If people never persevered, the world would be stagnant; we would never get anywhere!


The key to success is failing. Now some of you reading this are probably thinking to yourself “well that doesn’t make any sense, how can you win if you fail”? Have you ever realized that things in life never seem to go as planned? When you work on your car, there always seems to be some weird tool that you need but you don’t have, or the GPS directions to your friend’s house somehow take you to the middle of nowhere. So when things like that happen are you just supposed to leave your car half-torn apart and not fix it? Are you just going to sit there and stay lost and not find your way to your friend’s house? Or are you going to keep trying until you figure it out? In order for people to succeed, giving up is not an option! We learn from our mistakes, it’s how we grow and develop our ideas on how to do things better.

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There is no rulebook in life that says you have to do everything right on your first try. You shouldn’t punish yourself by giving up and quitting. People who fail deserve to win because they had the courage to risk failing in the first place!

You need to have the courage to fail. Sounds pretty easy right? But having this kind of courage is one of the hardest things for people to do. In addition, what people need to realize is that no one is going to give them the initiative to get out there and be courageous… They have to take it!

The same is true for your business. Creating a successful business takes effort and courage. You have to persevere and keep pushing forward; even if in the beginning you fall flat on your face. Most marketing companies don’t solve every problem immediately, but they have the determination to figure out a solution to any problem. Businesses are not successful because their founders got lucky and got everything right on their first try; they’re successful because their founders had the courage to keep moving forward. You need to take the same approach; you need to be courageous, and fail until you win.


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